Social Blast

Get your Product or Service in front of your targeted area for a fraction of the cost. With our network, we can Blast your product or service to thousands with a click of a button! Now that’s POWER! We provide detailed stats of your audience and more. Let Main Social Media help your company tap into the real power of Social Media!

Business Lead Marketing

Combine our Social Blast with our Sales Funnel and you start to change the game! Capture contacts Names, Numbers, Email addresses and have them sent directly to you via text and/or Email. In addition, add them to your email marketing campaign that continues to keep them updated with your company’s message, product and or service.

Social Media Management

Let Main Social Media Manage your social media marketing, blogging, inquiries, and more! Hiring an internal Social Media Manager can be costly. However, partnering with Main Social Media frees up time and saves companies’ money.

Professional Webdesign and Redesign

Just having a website alone isn't enough. Let Main Social Media Design or Redesign your Website so that it becomes a professional tool that not only looks great but also helps to create brand awareness, inform clients of your products and services, gather information and assist with sales

Logo Design and Graphic Design

Get a professional logo design that best represents your company. Get graphic designs for various marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards, banners, posters and more.

Video Production

Coming Soon!

Other Web Tools

Get your Domain Names, Hosting, Email Marketing, SSL CERTS, Business Emails from WEBSAFEKING.COM

Print and Promotional Items

Through Main Social Media's Partnerships, we are able to Match and or beat the largest print and promotional companies’ prices for our clients. Contact us for print orders of 1000 or more.

Business Growth and Development

Main Social Media has built relations and joint ventures with various businesses to provide solutions rather than just sell products and services. We are unique in the fact that one of our largest clients is one of the worlds largest Employment Agencies and that our founder sits on the Board of the Delaware Franchise as the Director of Business Growth and Development! This unique perspective allows Main Social Media to consult our clients not only with Marketing and Client acquisition but also with Staffing Solutions to support such growth!