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We Can help! Here at Main Social Media we will walk you through step by step on how we manage and maintain your Social Media Accounts. This Can include Social Post, Engaging with clients and much more. Social Media Management is time consuming and Business Owners need fresh content and images to stay relevant on the fast growing social platforms. This time takes business owners away from more important profitable tasks and can cause a serious decrease in production and overall revenue. Contact us today to setup a Custom Social Media Management Package Today! You may also choose to schedule a visit at our office if you are in the area 馃檪

It takes a team to properly Manage a Business Page! Main Social Media brings more to the table than just one person, we bring and army of Qualified Personnel

Social Media Management Team

Team work makes a Dream Work! We are the extension of your team. Successful business owners understand the power of leverage and time management. Leveraging Main Social Media’s Management Team allow business owners the ability to leverage not just one social media manger but the skills of an entire team while saving thousands on having to hire individuals. This leverage allows small businesses to compete on a higher level.

  • Social Site Monitoring
  • Post Scheduling
  • Social Engagement
  • Message Inquiry Response
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Sales Letters and Creative Writing
  • Call Screening
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing / Squeeze Pages
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Many often wonder what Social Media Management is along with how can it benefit their business? Social Media Management is the ability to analyze, create, and publish content on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter while interacting with other users on those platforms. Social Media Management can be streamlined with tools that are free or paid for; this also includes social media management services on a professional level. Here at Main Social Media, we bring that professionalism and our results speak for themselves. It’s hard to find another social media management company that delivers the same level of service anywhere in American and in Wilmington PERIOD! Our marketing service is a cut above the rest because no one else is doing it like us!


There are a few ways how businesses can benefit from this, these benefits include:

路 Startup Cost: No budget is too big or small; working with a social media advertising service is a very cost-effective process. Social media networks are free to join, and you’re allowed to post your content in addition to responding to any user comments and much more. The ability to use an advertising service offers a lucrative way of reaching your target audience and builds a following online.

路 Audience Reach: Social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn can allow users to be connected with you anywhere around the world. Other platforms like Pinterest are more towards targeting a specific niche for audiences. Through traditional methods, marketing and advertising can never reach the same levels as social media management based on reach, price, or social. Those reasons alone are why it is a must for businesses to have social media management.

路 User Behavior: Implementing social media as part of your marketing strategy will allow you to position your marketing initiatives based on the behavior of the user. An example of this is that buying decisions are made 74% of the time by people who use social media. On top of that, people get advice about purchases online through social media 80% of the time.

路 Overall Performance: Business owners and marketers can agree about the performance of social media marketing. Through social media, businesses can build their brand in addition to generating leads that result in sales. Business-to-business marketers have gained a new client through Facebook about 45% of the time.


Main Social Media provides Facebook management services throughout Wilmington and beyond. Where we shine is our ability to provide Facebook management services and much more. With us, you’ll become more aware of how to utilize Facebook for social media marketing:

路 You鈥檒l know more about demographics ranging from men and women to the young and seniors. In addition to this, adults in the U.S use Facebook during different times of the day 50% of the time. As a result, it will let you connect with various levels of your target market.

路 From the perspective of social media management, Facebook is very useful when building on existing relationships and future customers. Brand loyalty is also built and will encourage future transactions.

路 There are many perks from Facebook management services, such as advertising services and content ranging from photos, video, and text. Advertising services work well for business to business marketers because they will gain new leads 40 percent of the time.

Regardless of the goals related to your industry, you should expect Facebook to be a part of your social media strategy.


Social Media Management is, by all accounts is a broad term to define, and it will naturally have you asking yourself what it includes. If you know what it includes then, you’ll be aware of how much focus, time, and effort are required while on social media. The process of social media management happens in nine steps:

1. Target audience research is the first thing you should do when attempting social media management. It is essential because if you don’t know who your target audience then, it will make your job that much harder. Once you know who the audience is, you’ll be able to locate them online.

2. A Social media strategy should be created before launching any social media campaigns. Factors such as your goals, industry, and brand will play pivotal roles when considering your audience base.

3. Social media account design is also something to consider when promoting your brand. The reason for this is because the focus will be on the accounts’ static images. In Facebook’s case, it will be the header, icon, and profile picture. After the design is worked out and approved, we can begin working with you on your marketing goals to increase engagement from posts and or drive conversions.

4. Developing your advertising is the next step. If you want genuine followers to increase in addition to engagement, running advertisements for social media is essential. An example of this is that Facebook allows you to create an ad to increase brand awareness, lead generation, more store visits, and much more. Before any ads are launched, you should review it before signing off on it.

5. Constructing your content calendar is another deliverable that is included in most social media management services. A content calendar provides a reference point for both you and us here at Main Social Media. The ability to plan out and schedule your posts ahead of time will be a huge timesaver. You can always review the posts before they go live on their scheduled date.

6. Platform-specific content needs to be created. What this means is simply content creation. The content has to be related to the service that the business provides which stems from blogs, videos, pictures, etc. Social media managers will be sure to have appropriate links and captions before sharing on social media accounts.

7. Interaction with your followers and or commenters is something that’s done daily. This step is crucial because it will directly impact your brand awareness and loyalty. Part of the social media managers鈥 job is also to respond to any negative comments left by visitors while adhering to your company鈥檚 standards. Interaction with your audience shows that you care, and that will set you apart from your competition. This action can also work in your favor as a selling point among consumers considering 65percent of people’s customer service comes from social media.

8. Building your social reach is essential, and it’s not always limited to just advertisements. Influencers are very common to use because they can generate more exposure for your brand when compared to your traditional advertising strategy. They will highlight your company’s product in a post, and you can share it on your platform.

9. Lastly, you’ll be able to monitor the performance of your social media account. This action is perhaps the most crucial part of the social media management role. You can track the performance of your advertising, creative content, and disclose the results with you as the client. With Main Social Media, you will see the performance results in addition to a return on your investment. If you鈥檙e looking for a partner who develops action plans for improving on low performances, we are it. We are the best agency in Wilmington and we will help your business grow. Let us help you continue to grow and build greater things.